Frequently Asked Questions


1.Do You have to be Catholic To Receive Our Services?

No, Catholic Charities is an accessible organization that touches many lives and offers services to people of all denominations.

2. Do You Have to Know About the Catholic Religion to Work as a Volunteer With Catholic Charities?

No, to be a volunteer or an employee, the only things you must possess are love, caring, and understanding for other people. We are proud of each of our many volunteers, and our employees.

3. Are Catholic Charities’ Services Designed For or Targeted At Specific Age Groups?

Catholic Charities provides services for all ages. Among other services, we have a food pantry and children’s Afternoon Recreation Program (CYO)

4. How qualified is the Catholic Charities’ Staff?

Our Staff is highly trained, educated and certified. Our mission is to provide clients with the highest degree of professionalism and caring.

5. What Makes Catholic Charities Stand Out From Other Organizations?

We have a reputation for providing high quality services, flexibility, an open atmosphere, and respect for the dignity of each individual who comes to our agency for assistance.

6. Is Catholic Charities Administered By a Clergyman?

No, but many years ago it was. Today, we are managed with the help of many dedicated religious and lay workers.

7. What Is The Biggest Issue That Catholic Charities Faces?

We continue to struggle to work toward eliminating the root causes of poverty that envelops so many individuals. Poverty continues to persist in our society today. Through our Catholic social teachings, Catholic Charities respects the worth and dignity of every individual that seeks our assistance.

8. Do you charge for your services?

We may bill through insurance or Medicaid, but there are no direct fees for participants in any of our programs.

9. Where can I find your services?

Each program described on our Web site has the name, address and telephone numbers of the programs providing that service.

10. If I give a gift, how will it be used?

All gifts received are used by Catholic Charities to help the needy as detailed in this web site.


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