AMP (Advocacy and Mentoring Program

Advocacy & Mentoring Program – AMP- is a mentoring program available to youth and young adults who are at risk of social, emotional and behavioral issues to have the opportunity for a one on one mentoring relationship.  Parent/Caregiver involvement is encouraged so the program’s full potential is maximized for success and completion of established goals.

AMP will involve youth – mentees – in one on one mentorships dealing with positive social interactions, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc. AMP will also engage parents and caregivers during the mentoring process by encouraging them to participate in the program, their child’s goals, interacting with the child’s mentor and offered family or youth groups.

  Example of youth skill areas that may be addressed:

 Younger children:                                    Older Children:                                                        

Coping skills                                                   Daily living skills                                        

Socialization                                                    Positive healthy relationships

Limit setting and boundaries                           Vocation         

Personal hygiene                                            Self-advocacy

Developing circles of support                         Employment skills

School participation and engagement            Money management

Anger management                                        Community resources


All referrals come through the Oswego County Children’s SPOA. The referrals are screened for appropriateness and then assigned to the appropriate provider. If a provider has a full caseload the referral is put on a waitlist until there is an opening.




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