Advocacy and Mentoring Program (AMP)

Advocacy & Mentoring Program – AMP- is a mentoring program available for children/young adults ages 7 – 24 with SED or Mental Health Diagnosis and who are not CFTSS eligible. 

AMP mentees will provide age-appropriate skill building and educational opportunities, support, networking, advocacy, positive socialization, role modeling and independence.

AMP will involve youth – mentees – in one on one mentorships dealing with positive social interactions, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc. AMP will also engage parents and caregivers during the mentoring process by encouraging them to participate in the program, their child’s goals, interacting with the child’s mentor and offered family or youth groups.

  Example of youth skill areas that may be addressed:

 Younger children:                             Older Children:                                                        

*Coping skills                                         * Basic living skills                                        

*Socialization                                         *Positive healthy relationships

*Limit-setting and boundaries                         *Education         

*Hygiene                                                 *Self-advocacy

*Developing circles of support                       *Employment skills

*School participation and engagement            *Money management

*Anger management                      *Connecting with Community resources

*Identifying new interests           *Being responsible


** Children’s SPOA referral is required and can be faxed to Oswego County Division of Mental Hygiene at (315) 963-5530 attention Jill Gutelius. 

Questions regarding the Advocacy and Mentoring Program and referral process can be directed to:

Kim Anglestein – Program Supervisor – 315-598-3980 ext. 228

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