Transitional Support Services – (TSS)

This is a non-Medicaid Care Coordination program, expected to be no more than 90 days.  Linkages are made to financial, housing, and treatment supports.  This is a person-centered, recovery focused program designed to promote increased consumer independence and wellness.

Provides community-based transitional care management supports to individuals age 18 and older, residing within Oswego County, diagnosed with or believed to have a mental health disorder and have short term transitional needs (90 days or less) related to:

Recent discharge from a psychiatric inpatient hospital.

Returning to the community after a period of being in jail or in prison.

Aging out of youth community based or residential services, and needing help with obtaining necessary adult services and/or independent living skills.

Overwhelmed by benefits, referrals, applications, re-certifications, or other involved processes.

Disruption in housing or situational circumstances.

Require linkage to diagnostic/assessment services, to determine the appropriate system of care.

Referrals can be faxed to Adult Single Point of Access (SPOA) at 315-963-5530 attention Nate Barron

Questions – Sabrina Sutton, Program Supervisor 3155-598-3980

Creating Hope, Transforming Lives