Parent Education

The Parent Education Program (PE) is a voluntary program that provides in-home parenting education and skill building for families that are at risk of losing their children to foster care or are attempting to reunite with their children again.

  • Referrals for this program come from DSS and Liberty Resources 
  • Referrals must have an open Preventive Services case.
  • The assigned Parent Educator will offer services at a minimum of 1 hour per week and a max of 8 hours per week.  The need is determined through client assessments and case worker goals.
  • Length of time in program varies by need. 
  • Circle of Security
  • Life Skills Mentor assigned if referred by Parent Educator and deemed appropriate 

Ultimate Goal: Provide parents with the tools and education they need to enhance their parenting skills and improve overall family interactions.

Improving parents and families knowledge in the following areas:

  • Family interactions and safety
  • Family health and child well-being
  • Environment safety
  • Parental capabilities
  • Social and community life networking
  • Self-sufficiency

Any questions regarding the Parent Education Program can be directed to:

Brittany Dinelli – Program Supervisor – 315-598-3980 ext. 266


Creating Hope, Transforming Lives