Parent Education

The Parent Education Program (PE) is a voluntary program that provides in-home parenting education and skill building for families that are at risk of losing their children to foster care or are attempting to reunite with their children again. Referrals for this program come from DSS, Hillside, and Liberty Resources and there must be an open Preventive Services case. The assigned PE case worker will offer services at a minimum of 1 hour per week and a max of 8 hours per week. While working with the case worker, goals will be developed based on the family assessment and needs.

Ultimate Goal: Provide parents with the tools and education they need to enhance their parenting skills and improve overall family interactions.

Improving parents and families knowledge in the following areas:

  • Family interactions and safety
  • Family health and child well-being
  • Environment safety
  • Parental capabilities
  • Social and community life networking
  • Self-sufficiency

Any questions regarding the Parent Education Program can be directed to:

Ken Dennison


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