Relatives Raising Relatives Program

The Relatives Raising Relatives (RRR) Case Management is a short term, voluntary program designed to strengthen and support the non-traditional family unit.  That includes relatives and alternative caretakers raising children who are unable to live with their birth family. RRR supports these families as an alternative to foster care while promoting independence and self-sufficiency for children.

  • Focus on the development of the child’s interest and abilities
  • Provide independent living skills, mentoring and groups for teens
  • Connect caregivers and children with informal supports
  • Provide advocacy with schools, doctors, attorneys and other service providers

Relatives Raising Relatives Family Case Manager will collaborate with other agencies and service providers to help meet the individual needs and coordinate other services . Program staff can also provide information and referrals pertaining to other issues including:

  • Child Care
  • Family Court
  • Mentoring
  • Employment Resources
  • Housing
  • Transportation Services
  • Medical Insurance Social Security Benefits

RRR Teen Case Managers will work individually or in a group with children/teens ages ( 8-18) to assist them with:

Social skills  º  Self-esteem  º  Academics  º  Coping Skills º  Self-sufficiency º  Independent Living Skills


Questions regarding the RRR program can be directed to:

Gail Cooper (